bugs.traq.io Issue when submit a ticket


i think bugs.traq.io has a little bug ...

i got an mysql error while submit a ticket ...

Database Error

Field 'assigned_to_id' doesn't have a default value

INSERT INTO `t_tickets` (`ticket_id`, `summary`, `body`, `user_id`, `project_id`, `milestone_id`, `version_id`, `component_id`, `type_id`, `status_id`, `priority_id`, `severity_id`, `is_closed`, `tasks`, `extra`, `created_at`) VALUES('455', 'You don\'t have permission to access this page. Message as Administrator', 'What did you do to cause this?\r\n\r\nsetup a fresh installation of traq. do a login with admin account and try to use the admin panel\r\n\r\n\r\n**What page were you on?**\r\n\r\n/admin/*\r\n\r\n\r\n**What PHP and MariaDB versions do you run?**\r\n\r\nPHP: 7.2.19\r\n\r\nMariaDB: 10.1.41\r\n\r\n\r\n**Describe the defect:**\r\n\r\ntraq seems to have a issue with the auth system', '278', '1', '71', '70', '0', '1', '1', '3', '4', '0', '[]', '{\"voted\":[]}', '2019-08-19 17:51:34')



  • That is odd. Many tickets have been created without issue. I believe I have fixed the cause and you should be able to submit your ticket now.

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