#229 - Updates count column
Type Feature
Status Completed
Milestone 3.0
Version 2.3.2
Component Tickets
Priority Low
Severity Normal
Owner vk
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Reported 10 years ago
Updated 8 years ago
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What does this feature do? shows amount of answers on tickets page, e.g:

Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Severity Component Milestone Version Assigned to Updated Answers 20 Updating tickets in completed Milestones changes ticket Milestone Completed Jack Defect Major Tickets 0.5 0.2 Jack 7 months ago 2

What makes this feature interesting? better Traq usability

Ticket History

10 years and 7 months ago by Jack

  • Summary new column "Answers" on Tickets page new column
  • Status New Accepted

10 years and 6 months ago by Jack

  • Summary new column Answer/updates count column

10 years and 6 months ago by Jack

  • Priority Normal Low

10 years and 2 months ago by Jack

  • Summary Answer/updates count column Updates count column
  • Closed ticket as Completed

Added, but not shown by default.