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Traq 2.x no longer supported

Posted: Fri Mar 01, 2013 7:34 pm
by Jack
When Traq 3.0 Beta started, I announced that support for Traq 2.x will end March 1st.

As it is March 1st, at least in my timezone (AU EST), Traq 2.x is no longer officially supported.

What this means is, the Traq 2.x forums will be archived, bug reports for 2.x will no longer be accepted and there will be no new releases for 2.x.

Everyone still running Traq 2.x is highly recommended to upgrade to Traq 3.0 immediately. Especially those of you still running the 2.0 Alpha version.

(Yes, people are still running alpha versions of Traq 2.0)