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Posting Guidelines

Post by Jack » Sat Jul 28, 2012 5:29 pm

When posting a plugin, please follow this guidelines or your post may be moved into moderation.

The subject should be formatted with the Traq version it supports, example: [3.0] MyPlugin

The message should contain a description of what the plugin does, the latest version (optionally with older versions in the x-small font), install instructions, a changelog of at least the latest version, and thumbnails screenshots if any.

Use this as a template:

[3.0] Make admin names bold

This plugin makes all admin names bold.


Version 1.1 for Traq 3.1

[size=x-small]Version 1.0 for Traq 3.0[/size]


Move the admins.css file to assets/css


  • All admin groups members names are now bold, not just the default admin group.


Place thumbnails here
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